Explore economy-wide emissions projections and sectoral emissions breakdowns for any of six geographies (Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Mexico, or the United States). Infographics show the range of emissions trajectories based on the CTI’s assessment of the Current Development Scenario (CDS) and the sectoral breakdown of these emissions. Narratives highlight key takeaways for each region. GDP and population growth projections for the CDS are derived from the Shared Socio-Economic Pathways (SSPs) used by the climate modeling community; these assumptions flow throughout the sectors and have systemic impacts on activity metrics such as the rate of new car sales, chemical production levels, and the evolution of the building stock.

Download data on economy-wide totals, the ranges associated with the topline economy-wide numbers, and the sectoral totals associated with the central scenario in our content library or by clicking on the “download data” button at the top of the page for data associated with this dashboard.

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